An aspect of Home Renovations is most definitely Carpentry Services as wood has always and will always play an important role in our homes from furniture to flooring and home decor.

At Home Services for You we provide all carpentry services for home renovations and installations.

Carpentry services Indore provided by home services for you include:


At home services for you, you can find Hardwood, engineered floors as well as laminate flooring.

Whether you are looking to renovate and remodel or are now constructing your home, adding wooden flooring to the mix will not only increase the value of you home but also increase the aesthetic appeal. At home services for you, you can find Hardwood, softwood floors as well as laminate flooring that will allow you to create the feel you are going for with your home.

With our experience and knowledge in carpentry services we can assist you on your choice of flooring by taking into consideration your style, lifestyle and budget and then suggesting which floor type will best suit your home and your needs.

Kitchen and Bathroom

For the kitchen and bathroom Carpentry services Indore provide solutions for cabinets and countertops. Choose between a variety of cabinet styles and have our experts take on the whole project from design to installation.


Built in wardrobes can add not only style but also functionality. Wardrobe space and walk in wardrobes create extra space in your home. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and have our team of expert carpenters can create the wardrobe of your dreams that will best suit your needs. Add a custom built library to your bedroom or living room and create a unique style for your home with our carpentry services Indore. At Home Services for you our Carpentry services Indore can make any and all wooden custom furniture.


Our carpentry services also include adding, refinishing and refurbishing wooden stairs. In many homes stairs are considered an architectural feature as they are often the first thing you see upon entering a home.

However, when looking for stair installation and refinishing it is vital you opt for someone skilled and knowledgable to have it done at Home Services for you our team of excellent carpenters ensure that your staircase is impeccable and costly errors, irreversible damage, and accidents are avoided.

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