Caretaker (Elderly, Patient) M/F

Caretaker (Elderly, Patient) M/F

Timing - Part Time, Full Time and 24 Hours

We provides Verified, Skilled, Experienced 10 Hrs & 24 Hrs Maid (F) /  Servant (M) for Male / Female Elderly Attendant /Caretaking work in Indore area.



Day to Care: Personal Care

Maintaining Body Hygiene/ Bathing
Changing Bed and Bed sheets
Avoiding Skin and bed Sores
Ensuring Oral Hygiene
Urine Incontinence
Bowel Incontinence skills,
Continence and Toileting
Assisting in toileting
Controlling stains and odur
Emptying the drainage bag
Practical demonstration of exercises –Arm/hand; Neck; Leg/ankle; Trunk (in bed); Legs (in bed); Arms and legs (sitting); Resistance; Sitting balance
Assistance in activities of daily living
Caring for someone in bed:
Adjusting the position of Patient
Ensuring the correct body mechanics while lifting
Efficient movement from bed to chair

Assertive Devices:Prepare a List Demonstrate the skills and use of the equipment’s –

(i) Walker (ii) Crutches (iii) Others (iv) Patient lift and bathroom equipment (v) Walking aids, Guarding Walk
Preventing falls and straining of the back
Assisting in wearing footwear

Day to Day Care: Food and Nutrition Knowledge –
Nutrition and Hydration. The ways and means to provide healthy food is very critical and we ensure the same. Skills,
Helping to eat
Managing timely medication

Day to Day Care: Ailments and Medication
Fever, nausea and vomiting
Pain , fatigue, restlessness
Anxiety, delirium , depression

Emotional challenges: Mental health and counselling, handling difficult behavior

Fatigue, restlessness, anxiety , delirium
Depression, social and spiritual distress
Dementia, emotional withdrawal
End of Life, final Days, when death occurs


Timing - Part Time, Full Time and 24 Hours

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